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Ira and Josh's weekend escape to their beach house didn't include Ira's estranged childhood friend Roger. Ira must confront long suppressed feelings that threaten to upend his relationship with Josh as the boundaries of friendship, love, and sex are tested in the romantic drama "Shoulder Dance."

Shoulder Dance  - Feb 24 10:00pm

@ LA LIVE / Regal Cinemas 1000 West Olympic Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90015

Screenshot 2023-02-10 at 2.04.05 PM.png


After rich businessman Paul Greco (Jon Lindstrom) retires early, his imperious sister Elise (two-time Emmy Award nominee Wendie Malick) tries to get him to settle down with the woman of her choosing. But Paul seems more interested in developing his friendship with Andy (Chris Murrah), a charming young man he meets at a dog park.

“charming, funny, and thoroughly entertaining”

“a little romance, a little comedy, and a lot of heart”

 “a perfect gay romance!”

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